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CJ Won\'t Restart

I was finally left stranded by my CJ this morning. Was driving along fine until I came to a stop sign and it shut off. Cranked right back up but shut off again at a red light. Won't restart. After coasting in reverse to a parking area I was able to gather the following info:

Swapped out to my spare ignition module with no difference.
Motor turns over good.
Getting fuel to the carb.
It would almost fire when flooding it.
Letting cool for an hour made no difference.

Couldn't do too much in the dark by myself.

It's a '84 258. No ECM. TFI coil, Stealth HEI, MC2100 carb. Usually runs like a top.

What I don't uderstand is why it was running so good while I was driving the highway (8 miles) but crapped out at a stop? I want to guess that it's the coil but want to get some input from y'all as what to look at first - and I may be by myself again on the check. At least this time I'll have some tools.
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