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I've heard that there is a company that offers a "Bolt In" engine frame mount for the Chevy 350 conversion. The engine frame mounts will bolt into the holes already in the CJ frame. I can't remember for sure, but seem to think the company is called Back Road Country. Any help is welcomed!


4WD hardware sells a set of bolt-in Chevy small block motor mounts (pn 4300). They cost $149 and come completer with bushings
and everything that you need. Except you will have to use in frame headers (pn 14300) that they sell as well for $139.99.

There phone number is 1-800-333-5535. I'm sure most people on this forum have dealt with this company at least once! I've purchased
numerous parts from them and have been completely satisfied.

79 cj-5

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