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CJ to YJ

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Well the ole CJ7 is all but rusted away.Found a '88 YJ without a motor for a grand, so I plan to put the 258 out of the CJ in the YJ.

The YJ has no top or doors, took a CJ door and it fits on the YJ.

Found a soft top hardware kit made by rugged, do I have to use their top or can I use any top?

Cannot seem to find any door skins for the CJ soft doors, but will keep looking.
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Will the soft top hardware on the CJ fit the YJ?
Yes. The CJ and YJ body tubs and windshield frame are identical as far as tops and doors are concerned. I have the opposite situation on my CJ...I use a YJ supertop on my CJ. The tailgate is a bit of an issue when using a YJ top on a CJ but a CJ top on a YJ will not be an issue.
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