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I have a '78 cj-5 with 258 I-6 w/1bble carb. OK now the question, Does anyone else have this combo that could tell me what length your throttle cable is? I recently swapped in a Rochester 2 bbl and had to redo my linkage, now my old cable is too long. I pulled it out and measured it from end to end it is 22". According to the 4wd hardware catalog, the cable for this year cj should be 30.5"?! I'm sure the old one was stock and it was 22". I had to loop it when I redid the linkage and this causes the throttle to stick slightly when I let off the gas. They list a cable for a 77-83 cj with 304 at 18" long, does this have the same ends on it as a 258? I could use this one if it does. Thanks for any help.

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