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I have read about people using YJ springs on a CJ for a better rid and more travel. Is this only with stock springs or also with lift kits? I am in the process of planning a rebuild of a CJ-7 '78. I am looking to run 33x12.50 tires. Considering a 4" lift from Skyjacker. Is this a good lift? I would also like to have longer shocks for more travel.

Any comments or suggestions are welcome. What I want to end up with is a good trail rig that can still be a daily driver.

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Yes, the YJ springs situations is for stock spring applications. 4" lift should work fine for your 33's. I think a skyjacker may be a bit stiff for daily driving (just what I've heard), but I have a Superlift-superride 4" that rides great and works well off road too. The kit comes with longer shocks (which you'll need anyway) and all other stuff necessary.

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