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CJ leaf spring ?

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Is this normal- My passenger side front leaf spring is making a noticeable noise when I turn the wheel back and forth. Upon inspection, it seems to be the second leaf from the top rubbing the top leaf ever so slightly near the rear perch. The leaf barely moves, but the flex is enough to make a noise loud enough that people comment while in my truck. Should I try to heat up the strap and bang it down tighter, or is there a bigger problem I'm missing?

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Whats happening is that the leafs are rotating in respect to each other as you turn the wheel. I had the same problem. My best bet would be that your U-bolts on your leafs are not tight enough. I would not try to tighten up the clamp with heat. If tightening the u-bolts does not help...don't worry about it. The leafs are not going anywhere.

John......southern CA
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Thanks, at first I thought it was my king pins/ball joints. I'll take a squeaky leaf spring over changing them any day.

I'd see if you could get you one of those teflon pads in between the two leaves.

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Yeah, I got to do something cause the noise is pretty embarrassing. People judge too quickly thinking it's a major problem. I guess I'll spend some more quality time with "my girlfriend" this weekend. Hey, for Valentine's Day I got "her" the Blazer blower motor. Besides this noise, we've had an excellent relationship since June.

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