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CJ clutch adjust rod questions

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I finished swapping a T18 trans in the CJ a month ago and replaced the clutch. There has always been free-play in it, but I adjusted the rod out as far as it will go. I just came back from wheeling today and the clutch is still not disengaging completely, but it is now worse. I checked my buddy's Jeep( same set up 304/t18) and his adjustment rod is a 1/2 to 3/4 on an inch longer. Where can I get a longer clutch linkage adjustment rod to get rid of the freeplay. Is there another vehicle or make I can find one in? Anyone else have any expierence with this? Thanks in advance.

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I'm not sure about longer rods, but have you ever seen those adjustable clutch lever pivot point bolts, (it's a bolt and jam nut with the head very round and you can turn it in/out to desired position, kind of like the steering stops on your front axle)

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Use a piece of 3/8 x 24, all thread with a 3/8 femail hime rod end. scerw the other end into the adj, piece, on the fork. bolt the rod end to the bell crank,
with a 3/8 bolt. Hope this helps

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Be careful in selecting all thread. Some is poor quality junk.

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