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cj cage frame tie in.

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so I was searching for tie ins for my full cage. I came across a post that leve wrote about a file from a fiberglass place about tying in the roll cage. Was this specifically for tying the cage through a fiber body, or was this a general tie in file?? Is this file available for download somewehre (I don't want someone to have to mail a 1+ mb file, it would take forever, at least for those like me with dialup anyway)

I am needing some ideas of how to tie in the rear of the cj5 cage. For the front I have a pretty good idea, but the rear seems a little more difficult.
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anybody out there have this file on their website??
If I remember the article, they were showing mounting a tub on the frame with the cage tie-ins in place, and they looked like the Kentrol kit available.
I have done them curved from the frame up to a plate that is thru bolted to the cage, and straight up.
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So, using a single tie in for the rear "half" of the roll cage, what part of the flat stock should you attach to?? I wouldn't think attaching to middle would do much. I only want to run one frame tie in per side for the rear of the cage, so is it a matter of which end is easier to grab, or is one end better than other strenght wise??

Since you only want one bar for a tie in, this is what I would do.

Use angle or channel iron. Run it underneath the body in the wheelwell. Make it the same length as the factory cage. Then tie it together withs bolts, sandwiching the tub in between the two.

Heres a quicky crappy drawing of what I mean.


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:-/ Nevermind. Re-read the post. Nothing to see here.
Ok, I guess if I used decent sized stock, attaching it in the middle would plenty strong.

As for attaching at the frame end, is it more common to weld to the frame, or mount it with some sleeved through bolts?

I have seen both done. So I can't say which is the best. I guess either would be fine.

infernox........what the heck are you talking about???
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Ok thanks, I was wondering wondering what infernoz was talking about too.... playing with some catnip or something!

No I remember reading this thread yesterday, so I posted saying..


THen realised you meant just one tie on EACH side, not just one side... like.. "Is it better to put the frame tie on the drivesrs side or the passangers side?"
you know I never thought it came across like that... but now that you mention it
Oh and by "tie in" to the frame, I am going to 1/4" poly line, I figure a couple granny knots and maybe a bit of tape on the tail of the line ought to hold it nice, but how do you keep the frame from chaffing the rope? I mean I want something secure and dependable to keep that cage in place.

I am from Alaska, strager things have been done.... though you are from canada so I can see why you were concerned! I think I have a few red green tapes that I could learn proper cage installation procedures from- ie with duct tape!

thanks for the laugh, I am starting to think that I tore my jeep apart *too* much in one session, I want the darn thing on the frigging road NOW, but I still have SOOOO much more work to do on it... Its good to get a good laugh out of the jeep once in a while and remember things other than how long it will be before I get to drive it again.
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Hey no joking about the duct tape.. There's a guy around here with a '5 and the body is ALL rusted out on it.

He literalyl has floating peices of body held in with duct tape, and the cage has punched through the wheelwells and is being held there with duct tape.

The thing scares me 1/2 to death.
yikes!! I will use duct tape to hold together a broken window to get home or to temp hold down a breater tube that got ganked out (that turned permanent cause it worked so well and I didn't have a 1/8NPT tap to fix it....) or to tape a screaming jeepchicks mouth shut when wheeling, just kidding! As for holding the body on, I just let mine fall apart. It is beyond fixableness, so I am going to run it until I can do a new frame tub combo, hopefully within about 4-5 years.

But holding important stuff together... scary..
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