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Last month I did the Teamrush upgrade on my '84 CJ with the 4.2. I just got it inspected, (big deal in NY, they actually strap it down to a dyno for 15 minutes) and the sucker passed with flying colors. My problem is that this weekend I replaced the muffler and tailpipe, and 300 miles later the tailpipe is black. The motor is rebuilt, and I have the stock carter carb on it. The Jeep idles smooth, and isn't that fumey (i dunno if that's a word), but I would like to know what is causing the heavy build-up on the tailpipe.


suggestion check to see if there is any banana's in there..
sounds like it is just braking in there is some type of stuff on there to keep it from rusting in storage my guess it is just burning off.. it should go away.

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