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CJ-7 Radiator

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Which radiator and shroud do I need in my 1982 CJ-7, 4.0L conversion to run a clutch type fan? With my original 4.2L I had a 3
core (cap in the middle) and a steel 6 blade fan which cooled great. I expect the 4.0 to run hotter and I tried a Wrangler fan and
clutch but the clearance to the radiator is minimal, 1/4". A friend with a 1983 CJ-7, 4.2L engine has a different radiator (cap
off-set from center), clutch fan (18") and a shroud. Should I look for this type of setup?
Thanks in advance,

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Yup. Just went through this with my '86 which even though it has the towing package and auto trans, only has the two-core radiator with the offset cap and recovery tank since it has a clutch fan. My '83 had the non-clutch fan & towing package and had the same 3-core radiator that you have. Wasted $50 having my extra one repaired last year for my project Jeep, so I yanked the clutch fan off the 4.0 and installed a dual electric fan setup instead.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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