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CJ-7 350 swap w/ TH400

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I have a 76 CJ-7 w/ a 350 bolted to a TH400 that is adapted to a Dana 300 and I used bomb proof motor
mounts which offset the driveline to the driver side of the vehicle. I am fixing to cut and build a Ford 9"......has
anyone done this that can tell me what or how they resolved driveshaft angle etc........

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On my '86 CJ7, Chevy 305 / TH400 / "homemade" adapter / D300 / D-44
i used a CV-joint rear driveshaft from Tom Wood.
My driveline is centered (an error on my part), but i don't have any serious vibration problems.

My best suggestion would be to pickup the phone & have a chat with Tom Wood.
He is on

He is a real nice guy, and most important, knows what he is doing......

Some other suggestions:

Can you measure how much offset you have in the driveline, and then build-in that amount of offset in the 9" axle ????

Or center the pinion, and remount the driveline along that axis....

From memory, i think the offset in my '86 was something like 1-2"

If i was to the swap again (from scratch), i would *first* make a call to Tom, because what he has to say about driveshafts, influences where you have to mount the driveline, to avoid vibrations....
(If this is a rockcrawler, then it really doesn't matter...)

Since the pinion sits lower on a 9" than on the 44", this would mean an increase in driveshaft angle (over the D44, given that the pinion "length is the same).
I have 4" Procomp lift kit, a rear CV driveshaft of 21.25" and very little vibrations. I have some vibes under accelration, but i think this is because i haven't had the chance to exactly set the pinion angle yet (it has to be inline with the driveshaft). I measured roughly how step it had to be, about 10 deg.
Made up some 10 deg shims, and bolted it all in. I think this is a little off...

PerJ (From Norway)

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I had a Dana 44, but I sold it because I
didn't want the compound angle so that is why I chose the 9" because I can cut it
and offset the pinion to line up with my transfer case output.....

You mentioned the mistake of not setting your driveline up offset to the driver
side.....why is that, is it because of the front driveshaft and oil pan clearance?

I also have a black diamond 3"-4" lift so this increases my angle and length, but
from what I can remember when the 44 was in the rear it looked to be about a 18"
shaft.....From what I have read they say to use a CV joint and point the pinion
straight at the t/c output......Is this true......

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