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CJ 5 Dash Pads

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Does anyone know where I can find a "dash pad" for a CJ-5, 76 model year? I saw one on a CJ the other day and it looked pretty good, especially for covering the unsightly wiper motor on the windshield frame.

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You can get the aftermarket ones at or or just a nice chrome cover for your wiper motor, Like I did. Otherwise try finding a used one at and just keep checking, they come up for sale all the time.

Have fun.

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If you find one that looks really really bad color wise and all, you might go ahead and buy it. My dash pad looked horrible, I toke it down to Napa and they sold me some kind of special paint. It looks brand new. :)

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"Unsightly"? That's the word they use in the ads for rotary nose hair trimmers! Jeez, it's a Jeep! It's supposed to have mechanical parts sticking out at odd angles.


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