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CJ-2A, with the event of scram\'s new Willy\'s

So here she is. The toy. I drove her again today. She ain't the pertiest Jeep, but she's a Jeep and a whole lot of fun.

It's a great feeling to ride around in the vehicles that are the long time roots of the descendants we drive. It might be why I don't make double-takes for the souped up imports of today. I'm about heritage of raw American steel working as we have made it work. In the case of the street rods, it's great to see a chopped '37 Chevy without a hood, and oozing 409 headers down the sides of the rocker panels, with a blower with flippers feeding air into the monster that sits growling in the cradle.

With a 4wd, nothing tops a CJ-2A speedily taking angles and bumps of wicked terrain, and jauntily bouncing all the way, lacking only the thought that something might break underneath the tub where the driver sits perched winding the wheel back and forth.

Yes, scram, enjoy that pure spirit that the Willys were built for. For us wheelers, there is not much a finer feeling.

If I didn't have a Jeep, I wouldn't have a life.

'88 MJ SporTruck
Rebuilt 2.5L: 40 over rings, 10 on crank, 10 on bearings
nearing 400K
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