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cj-2A four wheel drive

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I am playing with a cj-2a (1947ish) and it doesn't go into four wheel drive. The Transfer Case is doing its job as the drive shaft gets power, so the problem seems to be in the front differential/axle. Does anyone know what it may be? I don't think it had 'lock-in, lock-out' hubs or at least I didn't know how to engage them if it did.
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Have you pulled your axles from your jeep, or diassembled the brakes assemblies and such? If you jeep goes into four wheel low, you will definetly know it. The gears are probably 5:38's and the crawl will yank stumps. If the front isn't working and the front shaft is moving, either you don't have any internals, or you don't have any axle shafts. The older jeeps were equipped with bolt on flanges. It was always engaged. The locking hubs are aftermarket. If you need to get new ones, they cost about $100 dollars. Once they are installed, all you have to do is turn the knob to lock, or unlock.
I hoped I helped.
Dan Stewart
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I was just playing around with it. The thing has a very bad turning radius. It was just purchased for $400 and the engine looks awesome for being so old. I haven't pulled anything apart yet. Probably going to wait till summer to do anything with it. I was just wondering if this problem with no-front-axle-action was a common problem when in four wheel drive. My guess now is that there is nothing there (no noise or action). So thanks for your input and time.
CJase chase

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