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Chile Challenge: wheeled with Marv Springer

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I had a wonderful 3 days of wheeling the Area Surrounding Las Cruces. I met Marv Springer of Springer Suspension and got to see his buggy in action, then followed right after him in the crewcab. I didn't thing my big ol' truck would make it through some of the areas of the trails that it did, buti t made most with ease. I got a few little scratches and dings, smashed rockers, a bent tie rod, and broke one front shackle bolt, but besides thtat no major damage. I ran both Dona Ana Moderate and Hard trails on Thursday, Off Broadway on Friday, and some of Broad Canyon on Saturday. I have come to the conclusion that i like rocks more than any other type of wheeling I have done so far. I screwed up and frorgot the digi cam so i will have to scan my regular pics when they get back tonight. I will check CK5 to see if any one has posted pictures there.
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