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Chevy 350\'s

Ok, I figure since people debate everything from politics to BBQ recipes to ways to eat a cat, asking about Chevy 350's isn't too far off base on this supposed SWB Jeep board./wwwthreads_images/icons/wink.gif
Anyway, is there a good site or source somewhere about Chevy 350's? I keep hearing about the LT1, L98, etc and I'd like to have some knowledge about what you guys are talking about.
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Re: Chevy 350\'s

You came to the right place.
Forget what you heard about the LT-1 (New or Old), or the L-82 (what a over rated smog engine that was), or any of the others. Just buy a nice crate engine short block with flat top pistons and a forged steel crank shaft, and slap a set of the new V-8 Vortec heads on them (under $400 a set, complete and ready to bolt on out of the box).
This little old combination will produce more useable brake horsepower and a wider and flatter torque curve that the old or new LT-1.
Chevy sells the entire Vortec V-8 very reasonably if you already have the fuel injection for it, or you intend to install fuel injection.
Really good bang for the buck...
Here is an update I forgot on a previous posting about the Vortec heads.
A standard intake CAN be used with them. Although they have a four bolt arrangement that comes straight down from the top, There is enough meat in the intake deck to drill and tap holes for a standard intake, and everything lines up.
It's easy enough that you can do it with a hand drill if necessary.

Later folks, Aaron

PS, What's wrong with talking about barbecue? Don't you like Barbecue?

So many cats.... So few recipes...
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