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Hey Guys,

I just got a chevy 305 motor complete. I got it for a great price. I am told that it has been rebuilt only about 1k miles ago (block and heads). It has a Edel brock cam, intake and 4bl 750 carb. Brand new Distributer and ignition coil and stuff.

I have a couple of questions. One, I realize the carb is to big. What can I do about it?Can I use the carb at all or should I sell it? What about putting it on my amc 304?

I haven't decided what I am going to do with the motor. I may keep it for a spare in case my newly installed AMC 304 goes bad or sell it. What could I ask for the motor?

Thanks for your input..

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First off, it's an engine.
Second, if the carb is way too big for a 305, it's way to big for a 304 too.

Check the part numbers and make sure it's a 750 CFM.
It's always NOT what you think it is...
I have bought a couple of hundred '750 Double Pumpers' that turned out to be much more desirable 500, 600 and 650 vacuum secondary carbs...

That's just like every one that sees a snake says it was a 'Rattle Headed Copper Moccasin'....

If it turns out to be a 750, sell it for enough to buy a 500 for your engine, you will be MUCH happier with it.

If it's a holley, I'd be interested in it...

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