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Check this place out!-

Click on this link ----> Glamis North KOA - Imperial Sand Dunes ATV RV Park

We have been going to Glamis for years but found this place and stayed there last week. We had a blast- they are an atv resort with 100's of miles of riding, you can ride onsite and get on the trails right from the campground (dunes are about 25 miles). There are also hundred of miles of dirt to ride, several huge woop-di-doo trails, we went ridin' after it rained there for 2 days straight- it was awesome. The people there are great and very helpful. They will give you maps in the office and tell you all the cool places to go. They also a free guide service, tell them where you want to ride and when you want to go and they will take you there. There is a restaurant on site that has excellent food; breakfast, lunch, and dinner. (they serve wine and beer too)

The kids had a blast too!

We will definately be back- this was the coolest place ever!

This is a great weekend get-a-way. You can check in late Friday night and Check out after dark on Sunday for no extra charge. We left Orange Friday night after work, arrived late, rode all day Saturday & Sunday, and then left Sunday evening in time to be back to work on Monday- :D
While sharing this information is very generous, it's like a two-edge sword.

The more people who know about places, the more degraded and crowded it becomes. Contrary to popular opinion, I think the off-road community should keep a low profile, our mouths shut, and not publish it's activities and locations. Perhaps that's a selfish attitude, but protecting our rights to our land is not selfish.

I started off-roading and sandrailing in 1977. I sandrailed in Glamis for 8 years before getting into 4-wheeling. I remember the beauty of Anza-Borrego. One year after Peterson's published an aritcle about the trails, it was noticeably destroyed. The same is true of Death Valley, and many other really cool places to explorer and wheel.

Here in AZ many of the neat trails, once only known by a few local serious 4-wheelers, now are being closed and virtually destroyed.

The more we publish GPS coordinates, brag about trails, and publish on the net, the more someone will want to stop our use, close and restrict land use, and try to shut down our activities.

The idea that a 4-wheel drive club should "work with" the BLM and other land agencies is completely stupid. Those agencies have only one agenda.. control of the land. The environmentalists and the green movement have systematically destroyed America and is one major reason we are now in the worst economic recession of our history.

The off-road community needs to be esoteric!!

That's just my worthless opinion. :D
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