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SledHead 24/7 is a national television show bringing you up to date information about racing, trail riding, aftermarket options for your sled, race reports, sled reviews, and more! Here are some links to a few segments that we have on You Tube.

Pro Racer April Mortz visits the speedwerx shop to find an easy way to make her sled go faster!

Interested in test driving the new Yamaha sleds? Check out the fun you could have test driving, as well as information on the upcomming test drive locations.

Jeremy Houle from Speedwerx puts his products to the test in the mountains of Colorado.

Check out the Race Report from the Amsoil Duluth National!

The newest member of the SledHead 24/7 Hall of Fame! This one is halarious!

You can check out more of our segments and find out when and where the show is aired in your area at
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