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Sent message From: [email protected] Date: Mon, Sep 20, 1999, 8:55am To: [email protected] Subject: Check Engine Light
I own a 1995 GEO Tracker, I reset the check engine light switch( behind left front speaker) at 50,000 miles. At 60,599 the light came back on. When I move the switch now the light dims a little and goes back bright when I move it back but will not go out.
Everything seems ok, but the light will not go out. Is this switch just programed to go on at ertain mileage or is it really connected to CCU or sensor?
Could it be a bad switch?
I would be very thankful for any thoughts or information, thank you RONALD KERR
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The "check engine" light on your tracker is a dual purpose light. It acts as both a "maintance required light" and a "check engine" light. The first time you did correctly by throwing the switch. But now you probably have another problem, such as a failed sensor. You are going to have pull codes out manually, or get hooked up to a scanner to try to identify what is the cause. You may want to pick up a copy of the Chiltons or Motors manual with the flow charts to figure this one out. I hate to tell you to take it to the dealer, but it may be a cost effictive option.
Good luck.

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