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Cheap Suspension Fix

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The stock springs are sagging on the drivers side so that the body always looks slanted on my CJ-7. Is there a CHEAP fix other than buying new springs? I live in Michigan, so quality used Jeep parts are pretty hard to come by. Would an add-a-leaf kit work; I would like a slight lift anyway.
Thanks in advance for any help.

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there is a free fix that will only cost you a few hours...flip the driver and the pass springs. this is a very common jeep thing, especially in older jeeps and jeeps driven by us single college guys who rarely have anyone in the other seat.

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add-a-leafes are only good for as a temporary solution. The worn out springs will just flatten add-a-leafs after a few months.

Nick Hagen
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Or you could have your springs re-arced. It's fairly inexpensive. I had mine done and I've been happy with it.

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