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Can someone suggest a good replacement for the Carter BBD that is CHEAP!! Something that will mount on the stock intake or has readily available adapter.

My current situation is a stock 258, no cat, generic 10" air cleaner assembly, most emission equip gone or disabled. Also if you could recommend a good donor vehicle for the carb so I can hunt for it in a junk yard.

Don't want to spend too much on motor, because plan to go with a V8 in the long run.

Kevin Low
84 CJ7
SE Michigan

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A quality rebuilt non-computerized BBD would be fairly cheap.

LarryM was working on a web article for swapping in a Rochester 2g/2gc last I heard, but I'm not sure if he's finished it yet.

Then there is the Motorcraft 2100/2150.

You could try to find a used Holley 2300 series....I think they may have come stock on some Fords.

I don't have first hand experience with any of these, but a friend swapped the above mentioned BBD from a Ford onto his YJ and was happy with the results.

'77 CJ5 Fozzy Locker
20 degree RTI 1250
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