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All new exhaust systems are going to smell very very very! bad for about 2 days or so.... Seems like the header paint has been burned or rusted away on all the headers I've seen except the calmini ones (the DT chrome ones too). I dunno.., maybe get some of that 3200239843029 degree paint from the local parts store, I dunno if you should apply it if the existing paint has not been vaporised yet.. The good ole calmini looks 100% new! If you go dunking in water lots (like I do), the header regardless will wear out.. Let the stuff burn off (dont go into water, don't want any rust yet), scrape all the char off the pipes and repaint them. Seems like a good idea, maybe just leave'm alone?

got zook?
29x10.5x15 SS TSL *SX*, Calmini Header, SPOA, Lights, Dupicolor, Z-bar, Xenon lights, diamond plate rockers, tubes front, rear, & sides!
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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