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Ok, well I have finally got the new house in good enough shape to get started on the tummy tucker, BL & MML I have had sitting in the garage for about 3 months. I was going to install it this weekend, but after a little research determined I may not have all the tools I need to get installed easily. Apparently the MML requires that you grind off the studs from the motor mount in order to fit the lift to it, and I have no grinder, and there are a few other small issues that might prevent me from getting it done including the fact that this damn skid weighs a ton.

So is anyone on Charlotte willing to give me a hand in the next weekend or so, If so I'll provide the brews and pizza so I can get this knocked out and done in one day so this stuff doen't continue to sit in the garage uselessly.
Let me know, thanks /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/40BEER.gif
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