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Changing rim size 10 to 8 inch. Yay or Nay

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I have 33 inch tires on 15 x 10 rims, my old 30 were on 15 x 8 inch rims. To get a little more lift and to keep the front tires away from the brakes lines, would this be a good remedy. I run alot of mud and water in Florida and My jeep is reasonable light weight. I forget is the tire more protected with the smaller width or is it the rims that are protected. I want to run my tires skinnier and would this make a real noticable difference changing rim size.
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I run 33x12.5's on 15x10's and I am always having to break the bead to clean out dirt that gets
between the rim and tire(makes for a crapy seal and they go flat). When I ran the same size tire on a
15x8 I never had this problem, the bead seemed to stay seated no mater how low I would run them.
Just my experience.

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I've had simular experience. I had 15x8s with 33x12.5s on my 4Runner I used to run as low as 5 lbs in the sand and 8 on the rocks and never lost a bead. I know this is part luck but I think the narrow rims helped a lot. I think they look better too. My 2 cents

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I run 33's on 8" rims, but am going to 7" shortly. On the 8" I can air down to 4 psi for the trails, but the rims still get beat up a lot. The tire will get noticeably taller and thinner with the rim change. A local guy runs the same TSL's on 7" rims with great luck and they look a lot better, so I'm switching (and I already have the rims).

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I run 35x12.50, and have run 8" and 10" wheels at on time or another. The only Brand and style of Wheels, that I have ran in both sizes, and with the same tires, are the Canyon Crawler Steel spokes. From my experience the 10" hold a bead much better at low pressure, the bigger footprint and subsequent traction is noticeably better with 10", Road stability is better with the 10". The only advantage I experienced with the 8" is better protection of the rim of the wheel, from side impact. However, the needed decrease in air pressure to obtain the same traction as the wider wheels caused way more vertical impact damage, to the wheel and tire.
For moderately deep sloppy Mud, I prefer the narrower wheels(at least in the front).

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