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changing a split(suicide) rim safely?

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i need to change 2 split rims. any way to do this saefly without killing me or anybody else? im talking OLD style split rims, the ones that blow apart....

can i chaneg the tire on them, and then bolt it to the joe dog. then would it be safe to tie 2-5 good chains aroudn the outside diamter of the tire thorugh the rim center holes so that way if it does blow apart it cant shoot across the room? also, should i just use a snap on air chuck, and fill the tire up via the lever at my air compresser?

ive heard lots of horror stories about this rim, an ddont want to take a chance.
i know i should get new rims,. but this is just used as a dolly for around the farm.
this rim
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Zach, thats how we do them when we have to. Keep the weight offf the tire, 3 good chains (keep them a little lose so it has room to air up), point in a safe direction, and a clip on chuck.

Sounds like you have a good grasp of it. But be carefull!!!!!!
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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