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Changed starter, turns over but won't fire

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Changed starter, turns over but won\'t fire

We changed the starter on my son's Sam yesterday and now it wont fire up. The starter is turning the motor over fine but we are not getting fire to the plugs, we checked to see if we pulled any wires loose and didnt see any. Are there fuses somewhere that might keep it from firing up. Its a 90 model with FI


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Re: Changed starter, turns over but won\'t fire

I had to change the starter in my sammi and I had the same problem...but mine was a stupid mistake...I just didnt plug all the coil wires up exactly like they were.

Double and tripple check that you plugged everything up just like it was supposed to be. And it wouldnt hurt to make sure you didnt blow any fuzes while you were installing the starter.

I dont see why you couldnt test the coil wires with a meter either....never had to try that myself but there should be power.
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