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Chain Hoist

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A buddy of mine a while back showed me the miracle of chain hoists as he pulled out his Bronco sideways from a ditch. Amazing little tool. I was wondering... If I wanted to look into one for the samurai what weight should it be. I think the rule I saw way back for winches was 1.5 but I am not sure.

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Don't know what size. My neighbor uses 'em though for his BroncoII and his truck for off-road recovery. He says they work great. No fear of snap-back or cable breaking like on a come-a-long. He says they even work in the mud and brush. I figured debri would interfere with the mechanism but I guess not.
Seems awfuly heavy to be hauling in a zuk. What rating was he using, and why not a cable winch? Sure,
as mentioned, cables can snap, but so can chains and with just as disasterous results. A good come-a-long
and a tow strap is light, and can be very powerful. I used 'em for years and years. If the cable is damaged,
just replace it. Cable is cheap and you can usually get a better, higher strength than what came with the
come-a-long, and no bigger, and sometimes smaller diameter, which means more length. Some even come
with a doubling pully.

The other often neglected tool it a high lift jack. You can also use a high lift as a winch. A little awkward
sometimes, but effective.
Still wondering what weight should be used with a Samurai. The one that was on sale is .5 tons which seems a little small to me.
1000 lbs is too light. You want closer to 2 tons or 4000 lbs. And that gets heavy. best comalong I have found so far but it doesnt replace a winch

Avantages can be used anywhere front, back, side, or independant of rig

disavantages cant be used to provide a continuous pull like a winch wich is very handy in deep mud (unless there is more than one person)
Looks really mean but I wouldn't want to be that close to something that has that much strength. If it breaks it wouldn't be pretty.
I've got one of those that I've used successfuly for years. Mine is an old one, RED DEVIL is the name on it, but I've used it on every vehicle I've owned from Sammi's to my 3/4 ton chevy. Not as good as a winch, but has always been a lifesaver. I made a custom 3 foot, collapsable handle so it stores pretty well, and I can tailor the length of the handle to the amount of leverage I need in 1 foot increments.
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Looks really mean but I wouldn't want to be that close to something that has that much strength. If it breaks it wouldn't be pretty.

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So you would want to be near something weaker and more likely to break?


I'm not sure I understand your aversion to cable, vs. chain. If you know the cable's rating, and its above
what your device is, be that an electric or hand winch, you should have no problems. Chain can acumilate
micro fractures and snap without warning. Cable you can inspect for fraying.

The only time I have seen a cable snap, is missusing it. Like trying to use it as a snatch strap and
slamming it with a moving vehicle. Or using a frayed cable. Chain will do the same. A tool used properly
won't hurt you. Look at any accident report and its always misuse, not following set limits, using a tool
thats worn out, dull, damaged...

Think about it.
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i LOVE my more power puller! yanked out a bunch of stumps with it this summer, and pulled my sammy out of several mudholes. hooked it to the frame and lifted the front end off the ground for some front-end work.
it won't break on you - the handle is designed to be the weakest part. if you try to exceed the capacity of the puller, the handle will bend before anything breaks. i also love the snatch that comes with it for doubling the pulling power.
I agree on the manual LARGE comealongs/hand winches. I scored a great aluminum one at a garage sale for 20 dollars. It houses like 30' of cable, super strong!! A pulley avail. at acehardware for ~~ 8 dollars or so will save your arse!! It'll slow the pull down a lot, but it WILL pull anything out!

Make sure to lube them too, I broke the center shaft on mine

Stay away from those crappy 15 dollar new 8 ton crappy comealongs. A good cast al. or steel/iron one is going to be LOTS better. Ebay?
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What rating was he using, and why not a cable winch?

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He was used a four or six ton.

After pointedly questioning him regarding the cable vs chain hoist, it turns out that it was more a matter of what he had at the time. He has used both and prefers the cable puller for off road stuff.

Maybe a dumb question; but I do know that cable snaps back when it breaks under a load. When I worked on a ship as a deck hand, the older deck hands had a lot of fun telling me all the stories they could think of about co-workers who had been maimed or cut in half by breaking cables. Does chain absorb and release energy in the same way? I've seen chain brake before (stupid towing) and it didn't snap back.

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chain absorb and release energy in the same way? I've seen chain brake before (stupid towing) and it didn't snap back.

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Yes it does and yes it can. Keep in mind those old sea dogs were probably telling the same stories they
were told, which were the same stories they were told...
The thing I don't like about come-a-longs is they always eat my fingers. Seems like they always want lubrication - my blood!

There ought to be a better way to select the operation than push on a spring.
Is there one that makes more sense?

In the last 4-5 years or so I have gotten into the habit of wearing work gloves when doing this kind of stuff.
I keep a couple pair of the leather/canvas type in the rig and in the garage. They are cheap when bought in
6 or 10 packs. Yeah, I know, it a PITA to do some stuff, but overall its been well worth it in terms of wear
and tear on my abused hands. If I have to they come right off fo finess work, Then go right back on.

BTW if its the cable thas biting you, replace it. But when you do check the mechanisum for burrs and sharp
edges that can fray the cable. A bit of time with a fne file works wonders.
yeah I'm on a coast guard cutter and heard about even rope doing it so no mater what method you use better safe then sorry ( stand back) thats why winchs are great you can activate them remotely as you the chain hoists I've been stuck and my zuk doesn't have a winch so i used my ships 5 ton hoist and it worked great slow and steady ... but i've seen chains break in when a truck yanks one out in fact one of them riped throughthe cab on the passanger side .. the drive was one foot lucky .. but left witha wet seat ... so yeah any line snaping with tention can kill!!!!!
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