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Central Arkansas Mud Racing

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Funston Speedway and Mud Boggs have released the 2004 rules and schedule. If you are looking for a great place to race, check us out.

We are the only racing facility in the State of Arkansas that offers no entry fee racing all season for the points champion of each class from the previous year. If you take the points race for 2004, you don't pay an entry fee in the class that you won for the entire 2005 season.

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I see Brownie and Yankee Mudder, it's gotta be good

I haven't been to a mud race since Round Mtn shut down so I'll have to come check it out. The site looks good but I didn't see the entry fee on there... how much is it? I can probably round up 5 or 6 trucks that would be willing to race in the spring.
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