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Center Console

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I am in the preliminary stages of designing a center console for my CJ-7. So far I have come up with many
ideas as to what I want in my console; now it is your turn to come up with some. I decided that I should
employ the help of fellow jeepers and ask what you would like in, or out of, a center console. To save time
I have a lost of things I already thought of.
1.mag-lite holder
2.multi-sized cup holders
3. CD holder
4. Mesh netting to hold maps, etc.
5. Spring loaded coin holder
6. A locking mechanism that only a crowbar and 15 minutes could destroy.
I need your help to think of new ideas I might have missed out on. The console is going to be made out of
Hickory and all of the hinges and such are brass. If you can think of anything let me know. Oh yeah, there
is no floor shifter of any kind. THANX Y'ALL

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/wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif How about a half-dozen power outlets for all the cell phones the chargers, the coffee warmers, amd who knows what else./wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif

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I agree with CJDave on the outlets.....

How about a secret compartment....I'm building a console myself...I'm putting in a small compartment big enough for a gun and anything else small.....NO...I'm not a gun toten Freeman....Just a Deputy Sheriff who has to keep one handy because I keep bumping into dirt bags off duty that I have thrown in jail.

John......southern CA
84CJ7,3"lift,32"BFG,4.11's,ARB,Solid Axle's
As soon as I can get out of this apartment and into a proper house that has at least a two car garage, I will be starting my center console project because I have recently broken (sex in a Jeep is hard on the plastic center console) mine and need to replace it. I will give you my notes as I have them in my sketch/note book for Jeep projects. (There are currently 51 more projects to go.) (They really are never finished!) Here goes:
build plywood prototypes - heat reflection from floor - anchors - load bearing partitions(lesson learned here) - rounded corners - two color trim - padding- velcro - brackets for CD changer cartridges - CD changer - GPS - CB - drink holders - remote location for the CD head unit that is dash mounted - serviceability - access to connections - plug in units- snap fit to floor lugs including rubber (urethane?) thermal breaks - torx fasteners - air locker switches - change pocket - misc. junk pocket - sub woofer amp - subwoofer - muffin fan - glovebox type storage box - arm rest high - binocular bracket on back
I hope this gives you some ideas. I have this one all measured out and I will be able to make it work. One of the things I do know in advance is that the CDs, tapes, batteries, remotes, candies and everything else lasts much longer if the whole thing is cool. The first thing to do is raise it above the hot floor on standoffs at least one inch. Second thing is to put in a reflective heat shield on the bottom (shiny aluminum foil is pretty good for this and stainless steel is better) and third is thermal break mounts. These three are listed in order of importance by the way.
CJDave give us some of your recently acquired expertise in this console area!

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/wwwthreads_images/icons/tongue.gif I'm taking it in a little different direction due to the design goals of the SNOJEEP concept. I just got the tunnel/riser formed up last wednesday. It is 8-1/2" wide...25"long....8" high at the rear, and the open bottom edge of the tunnel tapers with the floor contour to about 2" in front. The top is flat and level, and the "ultimate" console sits on top. A box-type Hupp heater is in the extreme rear of the tunnel and sucks air in the back and expells it out the front corners to heat the floor. The heater hoses go down through the floorpan. A B&M floor shifter is mated to the front of the console such that it actually enters the cavity originally intended for a flip-out sunglasses holder. The B&M riser is trimmed to match the front of the console/riser assembly. All of the dimensions as to height, distance to the shift lever, and front to back location of the padded armrest/lid of the console are copied from our '97 ZJ. We scooted the seats inboard 1" to get away from the seat backs rubbing the roll bar vertical and squeaking like our old ones did. INTERESTINGLY enough, JUST TODAY I was scheming on how to protect the console and it's contents from heat, both from the heater, and from the floor. What I will do is make a partition like a suspended ceiling in the roof of the tunnel, and fill it with foam addition to an insulating layer of SOMETHING between the console floor and the tunnel. We have over 600 bucks in this center project so far,/wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif PLUS the seats. We bought new three-point belts of course, and the B&M was about 180 bucks more or less, so it got right up there. I really like the way the CJ sits with the seats and console very close together. It is a completely different look and feel from what it was./wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif

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Hey Dave, I remember seeing (I think in a Dennis Kirk motorcycle catalog) a foil type heat insulator that was about 1/4" thick with an adhesive backing. It is used to repel exhaust heat away from the plastic body pannels on dirt/street bikes. This may be just what you guys are looking for. Check out your local bike shop and see if they can get this stuff for you!

Mike H.
1983 CJ-7 Laredo
1999 Dakota 4x4
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/wwwthreads_images/icons/tongue.gif Hmmmmmm.....dat sounds interesting.....I wuz thinkin' I would have to check in an A/C and Heating company, but that motorcycle possibility sounds promising./wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif you just never know. This page is GREAT!/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif

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There is a foil insulation w/ adhesive backing at Home Depot. I have used it under my console and other parts of my jeep. The stuff is great. It comes in a roll 12" wide and about 15' long.

I've seen a bunch at JCWhitney, here's the URL....

Hope this helps,
Peter Lombardi
'89 Wrangler, I'm puttin on my lift (rubicon express 4.5 in Extreme Duty Lift kit) this weekend, will post a msg w/ a pic,
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