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Catalytic converter

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I have an 89' YJ and my catalytic converter has some loose baffles and my pipe just broke at the manifold connection. Instead of replacing I would like to just remove it(I know about the requirements in Ca. with a catalytic converter but don't care), my question is what do I need to disconnect or plug to do this. I'm not much of a mechanic, but can figure things out with a little guidence. Will I also need to return or adjust anything after the removal? Thanks for you help.

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Why don't you just get a replacement hi-flow cat for the YJ with CARB and OE numbers?? Anyway, to answer your questions. You might have to put a to make a O2 sensor hole somewhere near the header collector. If there is a tube going into the cat, I would flatten it out and weld it shut. Beyond that, I don't see what else would have to be done. Oh yeah, disconnect the battery if you have to relocate the O2 sensor! Also, if you do, make sure it is VERY close to the collector. O2 Sensors work best hot......

I'd take yours off and bust out all the catalytic junk inside and put it back on. That way muffler shops will still work on your

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You can do what Big Ed said, or you can take it to a "mom and pop" shop like I did and get a metal tube welded where the cat once was.. makes the underside look like straight dual exhaust.. even better, get pipes right out to your mufflers. My local muff shop charged by $150.00 for pipes from the collector all the way to muffs and then to tailpipez. Course, for that price you could get a hi-flo cat and still be legal...

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