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carter rebuild, any suggestions before restart?

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Well, I broke down and bought a rebuild kit, pretty straight forward i guess. The three screws for the top were about worthless though, I broke one and twisted another. I had to use the old ones, I think they had a few turns left in them. I am going to be installing a manual choke but I would like to restart with the automatic one until the weekend. I am pretty sure I got it all cleaned(with carb cleaner) and put all back together correctly however I did not know about how to adjust anything inside, so its up in the air. How do I get the carb bowl filled again? Will I need to pump the pedal or what, I dont want to crank it with no gas in there right? Also, how open should the choke plate be when the engine is cold? And should it be sitting on the fast idle screw step?

Thanks as always
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Re: carter rebuild, any suggestions before restart

Use the "scientific" method and use a ruler to set the float to specs. "Bending it a little" ain't gonna cut it unless you have plenty of time to repeat until it's right.

Also, you did change the fuel filter *before* you fired it up, right? My brother fought that back and forth...clean out carb, pull more junk from tank/filter, clean out carb...until he finally put a new filter on.
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