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carter choke problem

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i think the choke is part of my problem. when i first got the jeep 3 weeks ago it didnt want to run when first start in morning. the jeep is from south carolina and has some rust. i noticed the throttle and choke linkage had rust and i thought that strange since the carb was a rebuilt only one year old as she gave me all the receipts. i then noticed that the choke was rusted in the open position! wd 40 and the choke worked in the morning. now i notice whenever i am working on the carb, the choke is NEVER all the way open even when at operating temp. this would be a good reason why it is not running right eh? there is a single small guage wire going to the choke unlike what i have read there should be two red-with-white-tracer wires plugged into it. there is a cut heavier guage red wire at the choke plug. i found the same red wire cut at the coil. maybe this wire was the hot and the choke is not getting any power? it is called an ELECTRIC CHOKE. how about if i bring a hot wire to the choke and see what happens?

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You should have a blue w/white stripe wire going to the choke. That wire goes to a blue relay ( the one towards the rear ) located beside the battery and gives you 12v to operate the choke.
the green wire going into the relay (pin 87) gives 12 volts to one side of the coil until the engine is warm
pin 30/51 is the common-it has a constant 12V
pin 87A normally closed
pin 87 normally open
Heres where my problem is, mine was unhooked : I'm guessing the pinkish wire is the other side of the coil but I can't get any voltage on it to trip the relay. depending on the function of the pink wire I don't know where to land my choke wire.
Let me know where yours connect

ok the sole wire was blue witha white stripe. you know your stuff. i connected a direct hot from the coil with an in-line 20 amp fuse. blue wire still connected but i checked it and it was not hot with key on. what does the relay do? the choke is working now as it was not before. was never opening all the way and i have been driving around on choke all the time! maybe the relay is shot or blue-white wire cut from it. i will check out and thanks.

I like the manuel choke. I know when the choke is opened or not. Also I can use the fast idle somewhat like a throttle.

According to the FSM for 90 YJ 4.2, the electric choke is controlled by the oil pressure switch. The schematic shows an electric choke switch (must be the oil pressure switch) controlling the electric choke and controlling the "manifold heater relay (right of battery) ". The manifold heater relay connects to the manifold heater (87 pink) and manifold heater switch (85 light green). Hope this helps.

you are right jerry! my chiltons manual for wrangler yj 87-95 shows the blue relay that kd88yj talks of as the MANIFOLD HEATER RELAY. mine is in tact and looks un-tampered with.
1) pin 87 is pink from the manifold heater
2) pin 85 is green-with-black-tracer from the manifold heater switch
3) pin 30-51 is red from a fusible link hot all times
4) pin 86 is blue-with-white-tracer from the electric choke
5) pin 87A is empty-no wire

dont know where i will go from here. really nowhere if choke works to my satisfaction with the hot wire i fed to the choke along with the blue-white. you know the old saying. "if it works......."

thanks guys and happy jeep'n


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Got my wires straight but cant see how the relay trips:
85 green/blk -12Vdc
86 blue/wht also -12Vdc comming from choke

relay never kicks - choke never opens.

any suggestions??????

hey kd-
check out:
put in entire address as shown. go to elec choke i believe and he states choke to have two red-with-white-tracer wires.

any way run a hot to the choke like i did and see if choke opens. cant hurt to try. put a 20 amp fuse just in case?

Sounds like there isn't enough current to operate the choke pull off, Or the choke pull off is bad.
Low current could be bad switches, wires, connections, ect...
Assuming the pull off is a full 12 volt unit, use a wire stright to the battery to see if it's working.
Remember to make sure the choke pull off has a good verifiable ground before trying the test.
That should loctate the bad operating controls, or a bad pull off.

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