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I hope there is somebody out there that can offer some insight into my latest carb ? problem. My 258 is stalling on deceleration. However, when I'm moving in reverse (and decelerating) the engine does NOT stall, but rather revs HIGHER! I've checked the venturi tubes for blockage (they are now thoroughly clean) and I've found that the oxygen sensor is inoperable. Would this cause the stepper motor to stop functioning? And, if so, could this condition mimic the same problem as clogged vent tubes in the carb? I'm really at a loss...and any help or similar experience would really be appreciated!! Thank you.

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Well, I gave up on the Burp Burp and Die pretty quickly, and went to the weber, but my guess would be that the only thing that changes from going forward to going backward, and decelerating in both directions, would be the way the fuel sloshes around in the bowl. Going forward, and slowing down, fuel sloshes forward. Going backward and slowing down, fuel sloshes backward. Maybe your float level is too high or too low, and the sloshing fuel is doing something....

dunno - just a thought.
The best thing I ever did for my jeep was to get rid of the burp burp and die.

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