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Just wondering if any of you will be attending the Carlisle All Truck Nationals in Carlisle Pa this weekend. I know that PA Jeeps is also have there All Jeep Show in York Pa and that many people will be there. If you do make it to Carlisle I will have my YJ in the non-competition fun field, I just go for the weekend to kick back, relax and maybe drink a beer or 10. I like to watch people look at my rig that is scratched and dented and wonder why I would enter it in a show, but ever more fun than that is the people who give me the complement of, its good to see that you use your Jeep instead of just look at it. I will be there all weekend so if you see me stop by and say hi and let me know that you saw this post, I will have a beer and burger for you if you want one. Hope to see some you of there, I will attach a picture of my rig so you know what to look for.


I do the same thing every weekend, its just the location where I do it that changes!


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