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sorry for somany posts but i am new to this and I dont want to throw out this old sled it only has 1700 miles on it I had put a post up about It bogging when the headlight was on and ran fine when the headlight was unpluged. Well I made a new wiring harness and still does it. Another thin is my carb i have a mukuni butterfly car on it and it seems like there is only one adjustment screw on it (the machine is a 340 and it is oil injected) Where should I have the screw It has been back firing so I think that means too much fuel or could be bad plugs but where should i vae the screw set. Also when i took the mag out the Ign. coil or somepeople call the brushes had a grove worn on the inside would this be a problem as well Any info would help

mike [email protected]
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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