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The only thing I will add here is to check the throttle shaft bushings before you even begin. Run the motor at idle, and spray some carb cleaner around the throttle shaft bushings. If you hear any change in RPM of the motor, you are leaking air past the bushings, and a gasket rebuild from a box will likely do you little good. I have heard that you can get slightly larger diameter throttle shafts, and ream out the worn bushings for the larger shaft. Not sure if these are available for all carbs - guys like TeamRush could probably answer that better, and give you more direction as to what is the best course of action if you do find that condition. Maybe some of the better auto parts places could press in new bushings for you, and you could get a new shaft.

Another thing to keep in mind is that some people like really heavy throttle return springs - I have a friend like this. He likes the heavy, solid feel. This puts higher loads on your throttle shaft bushings, and would lead to faster wear.

Good luck

88YJ, 4"susp, 33"BFGMT, 9k#winch, rear homemade swingout, reb.258, 999, 4.10, weber32/36, GMHEI.
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