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By all mens attempt the rebuild.
GUNK makes a 1 gal. can of Carb & parts cleaner with a small parts basket included inside for abut $10. The part number is CC-3K, and it is the best environmentally responsible stuff I have seen over the counter. You can get it at some of the discount auto parts stores.

Start by using a piece of that blue styrofoam board, and stick all of the parts you take out or off into it in order.
If you need to draw pictures on it for orientation, have at it!
Use a different part of the styrofoam board for different levels in the carb.
IE: Over here is the stuff that came off of the top, and over here is the stuff from inside, and over in this corner is the stuff from the throttle body on the very bottom.

Get one of the kits that has an exploded view of all of the parts.
Most rebuild kits come to cover several model years, so don't panic if more parts come in than you took out.
If you have a manual for your year model see if it has rebuild instructions. Every little source helps.
My memory isn't what it used to be, so I keep several sources. You never know when one of them is going to show a part from a different angle, or something that only came out on one model year, the year you are working on.

If the kit comes with new check balls, use a caliper to verify size, and use the new ones.
Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to do a complete rebuild in about two hours, and that includes waiting for the parts to soak in the cleaner.

Word to the wise, make sure you keep the check balls separated, and you know what bores they came out of. I don't remember any trick questions in the motorcraft carbs, but there are some that are a major disaster if you get a ball in the wrong bore, or the wrong length screw in the holes on say the old Holleys or any of the British carbs.

Hope this helped, Aaron.

When a fool and a wise man argue, Onlookers can't tell the difference...

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OK, I guess I mis-spoke.
The foam is a template to make sure all of the parts you took out of the carb are accounted for. Solvent shouldn't be used on the styrofoam, or it will turn to goo.
You can punch holes in cardboard to do the same thing, but I just like the way the foam worked.
The foam template will verify all of the parts made it through the clean & dry process.
If you have parts that look similar, but serve different functions, the do one set, then the other so they don't get mixed up.

After the parts come out of the parts cleaner, wash them thoroughly with clean hot water, and dry them with compressed air. It is mandatory that you get all of the solvent off of the parts, so the hot water is the logical choice.

Don't drop them in a filthy parts washer like a lot of places do. The solvent residue from the gunk that the parts washer has in it will contaminate the gasket surfaces, and suspended particles can find their way into the small passages of the carb parts.
Blowing compressed air through them will only drive the contaminants further into the carb body...

We are making things sound much more difficult than it actually is. That carb is small and real simple. I'm sure it's only slightly more difficult than the old tractor Carbs you have already rebuilt. Just remember to soak the Venturi body for at least an hour, and blow the passages out good, wash it in hot water, and blow them out again.

If you have stubborn alkali buildup in the carb (white or gray scale) that you can't get out,
try a toilet bowl cleaner called 'The Works'. It's in a blue and white bottle, and is real cheap. It is also pretty caustic, so take proper precautions.
(It gives Holley float bowls their color back too!)

I'm with Pete on the throttle return springs. Everyone should always use two throttle return springs for safety, but I have seen some guys use springs that you could lift the truck with! I like the spring inside of a spring that a lot of factory set ups used.
Not too much spring pressure, but will close the throttle blades if something stupid happens... And we all know sh*t happens.... Over and over and over again.....
That's why there is a 'how to' bbs here....

Later folks, Aaron.

When a fool and a wise man argue, Onlookers can't tell the difference...
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