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Carb Problems 86CJ-7

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Ok,i have a 86CJ-7 and have had lots of problems idling now just that the cold is coming(again). So this year I'm going to fix for good I and need a little do. I went to help from you guys on what I should do. I went to a jeep parts shop and I was told to get the weber conversion kit($495) if I want to keep my Cj but I have also come across some other things and need to know what is best. In JC whitney they have the Holley 4bbl Carb($359) and at( they have this rebuilt and customized carb that will cost arounr $400 once I send them back my old one. Now i pretty much left rebuilding out since it will probably go bad again in no time, So which one do you think is best or can anyone think of a better alternative that is around $500?
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I have the Four Wheel Drive Hardware catalog in front of me, the Weber is $369. I've had one for almost 2 years, go for it.

Brad (from the 4 Wheeling center of the universe, 4 corners USA)
I've got an '85 CJ7 and it's got a Holley on it. I like it OK but have had some trouble with the automatic choke. Like, it fell off. If I had it to do over again, I would go with the Weber. I've got the same catalog as the other respondent and that looks pretty good to me.

'94 YJ, '85 CJ7
There picture of a customized carb is just a rebuilt re-tuned Carter BBD. You'll stillhave the ****ty computer controlls on it. Go for a Webber, thats what I'm doing tomorrow!

Before you start buying a new carb, lets look at a couple of things. First, what state do you live in? If your state doesn't have strong emissions laws yet, it will....i.e., changing out the Carter will then be illegal. Second, how do you know that the Carter is the cause of your problems? There are several other things that can go wrong. I have the Carter BBD on my 84 and it runs just fine. My problems have been in other areas. not put a 4b on the 258. It can't pull enough air.

Items to check...
1. Vacuum of the biggest problems. Use a pair of needle nose plyers to pinch each hose. If the idle drops, you found a possible vac leak.
2. PCV Solenoid..this solenoid energizes at idle to block the PCV valve. If it does not energize then you may have a shorted diode in the diode pak located on the fire wall.
3. Electric Heat Riser...there is an electric heat riser in the intake manifold under the carb. When you first start up, a relay on the firewall energizes to apply 12vdc to it (big red wire). It it doesn't work, it takes for ever to heat up.

Basically, make sure everything else is working correctly. Don't start yanking off vacuum hoses....most of them are needed to help it run better. Also consider doing the HEI conversion. The ignition system has a little to be desired. Rebuilding the Carter is easy....make sure you also replace the float....(cheap insurance).

Good Luck

John......southern CA
84CJ7,3"lift,32"BFG,4.11's,ARB,Solid Axle's
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Why for you say "do not put a 4b on the 258. It can't pull enough air." I had the 390cfm on an '83 258
and it ran great, not as well as my present 305 TPI, but still great and a lot better than the 2 barrel.
Unless you do something weird and put mechanical linkage on it meant for a drag racer, the engine only
runs off of two of the barrels until you shove the gas pedal to the floor and ask for a lot of power, and it
did the latter pretty #@*&^%$# well.

Leon Rosser at Think Jeep has a better price ($326.xx) than Four Wheel Hardware

Well bought just abou teverything short of a carb that would affect its idling and after having 3 different people that helped me say i needed a new carb i was still stubborn. So i paid $65 for a mechanic to look at it(rip off) and they told me my carb was shot and wanted $550(yeah right) just to put in a new BBD btw how long does it take to put in the webe 32/36 and besides the gasket sealent and fuel pressure regulator i heard about in past posts what would i need?

A tach to get the mixture and idle speed set.

Brad (from the 4 Wheeling center of the universe, 4 corners USA)
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