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Apparantly I have a Rochester model 210 carb on my 67 225 odd-fire. At least I think it is a 225, and not a 231, but I am not sure.
Since the base of the 210 is entirely different than the Rochester 2GC, I must have the 231 intake manifold on it also.
Is one carb "better" than the other? The 210 seems overly complicated for no good reason, but that may not be true. I have had quite a number of cars with the 2GC over the years, and while I cannot say wonderful things about it, they have never let me down either.
So, I was just wondering what the current thinking is.
(I had a Carter BBD carb on my 85 CJ-7 for 4 years and it worked perfectly, although everybody else on the face of this planet had loads of trouble with that model)
Heck, while I am here, how do I tell if my engine is a 225 or 231? (I can't seem to get Adam Sparks page on this subject to come up).
It definately has a Delco odd-fire distributor. It also has a 231 left side exhaust manifold. (I just attributed that to the power steering conversion). The engine also has definately been out of the engine compartment at one time at least as shown by the great engine compartment detailing that was done. I just figured it was a 225, but now I am not so sure.
Thanks for you help.
Ross in Boulder Colorado
[email protected]

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The 210 I believe is a Dual jet Rochester.Just like a Quadrajet less the secondaries.Good Carb.Should be about 285 CFM.Good for a 225 or 231.

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