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Can't start my engine - I6/258, Weber, stock dist/coil

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Can\'t start my engine - I6/258, Weber, stock dist/coil

Last Sunday I was at the carwash and decided to wash the mud out of my engine compartment. It's been three days and I still can't get it started. Engine turns, but it will not kick over. As a matter of fact, it sounds as though there is no spark to any of the plugs and cylinders. What's the deal?

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Re: Can\'t start my engine - I6/258, Weber, stock dist/coil

It is possible you got some water into the coil thru a small crack in the housing. Spray some WD 40 on the coil and see if that does it. While your at it, spray some on the dist. cap, plug wires etc. to be sure there is no residual moisture. Ater all this time though, that is very unlikely. Good Luck!!

Re: Can\'t start my engine - I6/258, Weber, stock dist/coil

Did you cover the distributor and carb when you used the high-pressure hose to clean the engine compartment? Even if the seals on stuff were good, that high-pressure stuff can get anywhere. Take off the cap, dry it out. The high pressure stuff can also pull off some wires that may not have been plugged in tight too. Sitting water on conectors and stuff can short things out, too, but that may be a longshot. Hopefully you didn't fry something by giving it juice with water all over it. Give it a good once-over, you should be able to get it going. 3 days won't neccessarily dry things out - it's been raining here in MA for like a week. :(

Good luck

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