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Can you identify my Soft top, parts?

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Does anyone know if it is possible to replace the plastic hinges on the windshield support arms? The part I am talking about is the one that connects the vertical side support to the horizontal windshield support. Both of mine are broken and everything is held together with zip-ties for now. I would like to replace the broken pieces but I am sure they are specific to my top and I am not sure of the manufacturer. The top is dated 9-94 and has Chrysler logos with Regalite glass. It is a snap top with square corners on the upper doors in black. I originally assumed it was a factory top or replacement but it looks to be some kind of dealer available non-original equipment. Does anyone know who was making tops for Chrysler in '94?


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I had a Best Top soft top and I broke the same peice you did on the driver's side. I think someone said that the factory soft tops had square doors on the upper rear corners. I'm not sure if this is right but mine has round corners that match the hard door shape and Best Top is stamped on one of the windows. I'd appreciate hearing any possible fix that you find because I'm not sure how long my zip-tie is going to last,

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I had some parts break on my bestop soft top so I called them and they replaced them for free. You might want to call them and check.

Bestop made the OEM top, but will NOT replace parts for it. They will tell you to go to the dealer. CHA-CHING! If it's a Bestop NON OEM top, they are more than happy to help.

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