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I probobly shouldnt do this but here goes. I have working with me, for the next two weeks and full time technition from Nissan. He is TDY in the Air National Gaurd here in Germany (I forgot where his home station is). I am trying to get him to log in here to field some tech ?s. Untill then, are there any ?s I can take back to him? So far he has seemed to be usefull as far as tricks and tips. I dont have any major problems with my truck so I dont know how good he is with trouble shooting. Lets test him!


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I have a good one for ya Buckshot
84 4x4 truck with a z24 Naps z motor
cams real bad while at an Idle like it's only running on three Cylinders but smooths out at 2000 RPM (when the engine isn't under a load)
with the truck out of gear You can run the engine up to 5000 rpm if you ease into the gas with out a complaint from the engine
but as soon as you put the engine under a load or hit the gas real hard it knocks real bad
Done a compression check readings are as follows ....Cyl. 1. 170 psi Cyl. 2. 170 psi Cyl. 3. 30 psi Cyl. 4. 0 psi (possible blown head gasket at this point but why the knock ?)
I checked the valve train everything seems to be free and operating properly Timing chain has correct tention as well
You can hear the knock comming out of the Carberator
Check the rod bearing and all of the bearings are tight and seem to be in spec
If you unplug both the intake and exhaust spark plug on cyl. 3 the engine don't run any better or worse but you can hammer the throttle all you want and the engine does not knock (obviously the prob is located in that cylinder) a freind of mine thinks it may be a bad wrist pin and caused the head gasket to blow but the interesting part is i have 2 identical engines with the same problem the original that was in the truck and the one that is in the truck now
I am at a loss to figure the thing out anyone have any Ideas?
P.S. the engine that is in the truck now had only been in the truck for less then a year


1984 Nissan King Cab 4x4
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