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I asked this question on the old BBS w/ no responses. Anyway, I hate not having a working tach on my dashboard because it's made for a stock 6 cyl and I have a V8. Is there a tech article anywhere for changing out the internals of a tach so it can read a V8? I don't want to buy a new tach unless it looks exactly like the stock one.


Has anybody installed Phantom guages from AutoMeter into their YJ? Are the Tach and Speedo in a YJ 3.75" and all the other guages 2 5/8"? For the smaller guages I have the option of electrical or mechanical. I'll assume I need electrical, but how hard would it be to wire these things in place. I really don't know a whole lot when it comes to vehicle electrical systems except that when the battery is disconnected nothing works.

88 YJ w/ multi-speed wipers

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Go to and check out Chris Waterman's YJ. he did the tach mod you're talking about. I still need to do mine.

Jason '87YJ
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