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can I put an extra-12 in a 94\' indy 440 sks

I recently found a complete front and rear xtra 12 for a good price, and was wondering if it was possible to make it work in my sled. It came out of a 96 xlt, and would be going into a 94 indy 440 sks. I know that some evovled chassis' got the xtra-12, but I'm not sure if the front suspension will work. Thanks
1994 Indy 440 SKS
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Re: can I put an extra-12 in a 94\' indy 440 sks

I suppose anything can be done, but you're going to have a terribly hard time with the front suspension. On the xtra10 and xtra12 the hole in the bulkhead where the steering rod goes through was made larger (taller) so that the rod could travel through the full swing of the suspension.

If you put the xtra12 on the old style bulkhead then when it compresses or unloads the steering rods are going to hit the bulkhead which if hit hard enough could break the rods.

I've seen xtra10s put on the old style sleds with pretty good results, but I've never seen an xtra12 done without modding that area of the bulkhead.

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