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my stick for the d20 is broken! its behind a th400 which puts the original stick way outa position anyway. i would like to make it a twin stick and i dont see how it could be different from the 300. but i wanted to check,before i go ahead an open a can of worms for myself. matt

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I just can't wait to drive the damn thing!!

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Someone here has already done this. Pyro I think has a right up on his site. I'll repost if I can find it when/if I get out of the garage tonite.


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Looking at my Scout D20 that came stock with twinsticks, it looks pretty straightforward. Having it in my jeep is a lot easier to operate than the single stick linkage setup.

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I sticked my Jeep 20 a few weekends ago
I have pics and will send if interested
I now have a 2lo and it unlocks my front axle to give my turning rad back. Wide turns when shes locked

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