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November 2006


Clean Dezert / Camburg Barstow Cleanup Dec. 9th!

Huntington Beach, CA - Camburg Engineering has teamed up with Clean Dezert to bring off-road racers and fans alike to the pit A area in Barstow, CA for the first of many desert clean-up events throughout California.

What better way to bring people out to some of our favorite off-road areas by bringing in outside sponsors and truly creating an event that generates interest in off-road racing and cleaning up the environment at the same time.

Over 20 different companies have stepped forward to make this a reality. Camburg Engineering is putting on a lunch BBQ for all with Monster Energy drinks supplying the fuel/refreshments. IronClad will be equipping everyone with a pair of their popular utility gloves. Over $3000 worth of product has been donated from companies like American Racing, AEM Intake Systems and Glassworks Unlimited for the free raffle that will take place at the event.

For detailed information, visit for the latest news, directions and updates.

Event sponsors: Camburg Engineering,, American Racing Wheels, AEM Intake Systems, IronClad Gloves, Monster Energy, Glassworks Unlimited, Blue C Communications,, SKG, highRev Photo,, Dezert-People, XYZ Productions, MXC Motorsports, Mflo Films, SUD Productions, Dirt Alliance, Damzl.
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