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Woodland Hills, CA - November 25, 2003 - With a vote of five to nothing, California City's City Council approved unanimously to accept BP MotorSports proposed event schedule, featuring six different off-road events on six different race courses, ranging from 50 miles in length all the way up to 110-mile loop. The dates are: March 13-14, May 1-2; June 19-20 (night); August 28-29 (night); October 23-24; and December 18-19, 2004.
Each event will offer multiple-laps featuring classes for all types of off-road and desert racing vehicles. Classes offered are for Motorcycles and ATVs to four-wheel buggies, Baja Bugs, Trucks and specialized desert vehicles.
All classes have not yet been announced but it's anticipated that they will be in par with those classes already offered by other organizations. Race promoter, Lou Peralta indicated that he wants to stay with the same basic classes that are run in SNORE, MDR, SCORE, MORE, BITD. "We don't want racers to build their cars especially for our races. The problem is that certain organizers do have some variances between similar classes," Peralta said. "But we want to hit a happy medium so that there are no major changes that need to be made in order to race with us.

It's anticipated that two of the six events, tentatively scheduled, will be night races (June 19-20 and August 28-29).
Proposed race schedule: Motorcycles, and ATVs will start around 6:30 a.m., and all four-wheel classes start between 10 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. (Noon), depending on the size of the entry and course length. Peralta said, "We want to make sure that either all the bikes/ATVs are done, or close to completing their event, before we start any of the cars."
With respect to the night races, Peralta also stated; "Our plan for the June and August night races, are: Motorcycles and ATVs start at 5 p.m. or 6 p.m., and then all four-wheel vehicles sometime between 9 p.m. and Midnight, again using the same criteria for safety reasons."
Registration will take place, Friday nights (early Saturday for night races) in Cal City (various locations to be announced). Race day is Saturdays and awards will be held early Sunday, allowing people to get back home in time.

The proposed racecourses were submitted and they are featured in BPMotorSports website which is: Direct link to the racecourse section is:

For more details visit the site periodically as data is updated on a regular basis or contact BPMS at 760-578-6258 or [email protected]

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