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What kinda mileage have you gotten out of your C6 without a rebuild? WD, I seem to recall you've got over 300k on yours? Oh, and how often have you done fluid changes?

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we got 257K before ours went south on a 7.3L
fluid/filter changed EVERY 40K
and we pulled this truck hard!
34' gooseneck with a loader/backhoe(about 17K, plus the tandem dual trailer weight) on it all the time

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Ah, Shilo ya pulled me out of the woodwork.
Yes, I'm alive, but alas, I've had a few "priorities" other than the off-road board as of late.

I've checked in on occasion, but just couldn't devote much time to it.
(In addition, that friggin' Nissan add crawlin' out of the shadows is enough to make me go crazy.

Sorry guys.

If it makes you feel any better, I am now the Secretary of our 4X4 club.
Also been on 1/2 dozen runs since we got back from Alaska.
I was ready to write a big story about missing the boat, and renting a kayak to get back,
but I already felt bad enough about not spending time with you folks.

Oh, you had a question.
Lets see...this morning was 298,600 miles.

I've probably changed fluid and filter 3 times since I bought it with 100,000 miles.
The only real mod I did to it that might have made it last longer is the B&M shift kit I installed at ~150,000 miles.
Still utilize the stock tranny cooler.
All fluid changes were with Valvoline DuraBlend Semi-Synthetic tranny fluid.

Going to be breaking a bottle of champagne over the "LAB HAB" in another month or so once it reaches that 300,000 mile mark.

Just as BurnedBronco mentioned, by no means have I babied this tranny.

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Darn, I'd like a c6 because it would last so long, My AOD/TQ is crap'n out on me, but I like overdrive. Is there a way to build a AOD and also get a torqe converter to last that long? The thing I think is wrong with the AOD is O/D gets abused, towing with it, going up hills with heavy loads and it in over drive.

My tranny has 204,000+ on it.

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Yeah, and its not exactly behind a stock 351, either
Good point RepT.

The one thing I don't do like I've seen quite often, is drop it in gear at 4,000-6,000rpm to get a jump at the mud bogs.
That's about the only thing I've not done to abuse the tranny.

Try these links for AOD upgrades.
Art Carr Performance Products
Baumann Engineering

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You bet there's a way to build an OAD to take it. 8 miles from where I live is and they are the recognized world leader in re-engineering AODs for serious power. They even offer 4wd stuff guaranteed too.

Try their website


They've got AODs that'll take 1100 horsepower reliably.
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