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OK, I'm new at this, so bear with me...

I need to know where is a good place to go to buy lockers. Most of the 4-wheeling I do is moderate, mostly just power line maintenance trails and old logging roads.

Also, I need to set up my 2.5L hoss with some different gears, as I am soon going to be buying some 32" tires. Keep in mind that I still drive this thing every day. I need it to be fuel efficient and still eat full-size trucks.

P.S. Who makes a good, complete 2.5 inch lift? I'm talking brake lines, pitman arm, disconnects, the she-bang?

Please include any prices I can expect to pay, as I have to plead my case to the Boss (read "wife") before I can get the checkbook to buy anything. She's into four-wheeling, but not quite to the point we are...


James Gladwell
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Camp Lejeune, NC

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I have several friends that use the superlift kit on there YJ's and are really happy. As far as where to get things cheap you could check out macromotive .com for starters. They appear to have some decent prices.
Good Luck!!
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Why not check out Rubicon Express for your complete lift. They are good about selling complete kits that will include everything that you'll need.

As for gears and lockers, check out Rubicon Express for that too. They have pretty good prices.

If not them, check out all of the magazines. Lots of good companies advertise in them.

Check out Rubicon Express at

Good luck!


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I'm not a big fan of one stop shopping personally. But K-9 is right here. RE does seem to offer the most complete kits I've seen, where other manufacturers leave you wondering what else you'd need/want.

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Check out Drive Train Direct

John......southern CA
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